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My most terrifying experience in this game so far

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I had barely touched the Merchants Alliance voyages until today because I couldn't be bothered to get into where you can find the various animals, but I'm going for a "high society" approach with the cosmetics so I thought it was time to do some honest sea work.

My first contract was a complete disaster. I needed two pigs. I sailed to Devil's Ridge (?) to check it out since it's a large island, but when I got there my ship got absolutely owned by a skeleton with a cannon. I found the creepy mermaid guy and respawned on an Outpost.

Picked up a new voyage and the coops. Needed two white chickens. This time I looked up a guide online and learnt that there should be chickens at Thieves' Haven. I ran around the whole island several times and found only black ones. Then went to Crook's Hollow. After a few laps around that island, I finally found and caught two white ones! I set the course for Ancient Spire where I was supposed to drop off the chickens.


Out on open sea between Barnacle Cay and Ancient Spire, I heard a terrible roar. A Meg was circling the sloop.

I aimed for the outpost as well as I could, and then hid in the map room, crying and clutching my rifle.

The Meg lost interest and let me live this day.

I was terrified again when I reached the outpost and another sloop was there. But I parked on the other side of the island and snuck ashore with the chickens. Then I boarded the other guys' sloop and played music with them for a while, so that was a nice finale.

This may seem trivial to more seasoned players but I've never had a bigger "oh shit" moment in this game so far. I worked really hard for those chickens.

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