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Hi everyone,

I love reading everyone's stories here, so I thought I would contribute my own, hopefully you enjoy it.

My crew has been trying valiantly all week, but to no avail in beating the skeleton ships. We decide that we'll do one last ditch effort to beat the skellies. Our voyage starts off Tuesday night about 2 hours before the skellie battles rotate. My mighty crew sails our brigantine around to local forts, collecting supplies and gun powder for the coming battle. We head south towards Shark Bait cove ready for what lies ahead. We start doing circles in an attempt to trigger the battle with no luck… we check the date… we're in the wrong area with just an hour and twenty minutes left. So we race north to the Shores o' Plenty, against the wind tacking left and right.

We finally make it with just over an hour to spare! We've never beaten a crew in less than 90 minutes, so tensions are high. The first skeleton ship raises from the depths and we spring into action. Me at the wheel, a marine with his gun powder and another below deck. We SMASH into the enemy ship giving our brave marine the ability to board their enemy, at which point he sets the fuse and ducks for cover. BOOM! We were too close to the enemy ship and the explosion damaged us! We race below, fixing our ship while our marine defends the holes in the enemy hull like they were his own. A few minutes later the enemy ship is sunk without a sing shot being fired. Hurray! We might have a chance!

The next wave go with similar ease as we work to beat the clock. Ship sunk, ship sunk… what's this? Someone joined our alliance! We're ecstatic and on a roll, there's nothing that can stand in our way! The friendly ship diverts the enemy's fire enough for us to take a breather, we have 10 minutes until the battle ends. Now it's time to take on the captain. We sink it with the last of our barrels and a few cannon balls. The loot rises and we are elated! Even if we don't finish the battle we finally got something worth our time! Now the last skeleton ship is stuck on a rock, while our friends distract them. We grab the loot and make way to save our friends who seem to have left the battle. The last ship goes down with little effort just in time for us to win the commendation… that's odd someone has left our alliance before we can turn any loot in. Why would they give up free money?


INCOMING SHIP! Our friends have turned on us, we're down to just a handful of cannon balls and a dozen planks, they're gaining ground and are between us and the outpost. We zig and zag our way to Sanctuary Outpost, I do a drive by while my 2 mates hop off with some loot to turn in. This continues with us sailing between Golden Sands and Sanctuary several times with the enemy trying to cut us off at every turn. Eventually they get the better of us and come in fast on a collision course!

The ships crash together in a cacophony of wood and gun shots. I leap aboard their ship and drop their anchor, but they catch it! I run around dodging their swords and guns attacking their man on the anchor. I finally get them to drop by sacrificing my own life for the team.

The chase continues south through a storm to Plunder Outpost and over to Ancient Spire. Every foot of distance we put between us closed at each turn we make. Finally we are down to our last 3 items and our foes break chase, distracted by a ship wreck and weary from their fruitless endeavor. We turn in our loot and plot our revenge.

We return to the ship wreck which distracted our enemies, with their ship foolishly anchored and no one left on board acting as a look out. We go radio silent as we glide into attack position. We line up outside their firing line and open fire! 10 for 10, our master cannoneer has perfect aim. Their ship goes down without a chance to save it. We plunge into the sea swords ready to dispatch our justice, to no avail. The crew mermaids away and we are left to scour the sea for their loot. There's nothing, except a crate of tea they abandoned in the ship wreck.

We walk away delighted that we beat the clock, the skeleton ships and our enemies. We've become a fully functioning crew and look forward to this week's adventure on the Sea of Thieves.

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