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My six year old and I had a great adventure tonight

Sea of Thieves 1 - My six year old and I had a great adventure tonight

So I started a brig solo while my son was playing another game. Spawned in, grabbed a few supplies at the outpost and headed down to my ship.

A two person brig crew sailed in hot as I came to the docks, jumped on my ship…raised the anchor and ghost sailed my ship away. We fought, but i died a few times before I had my bearings.

A little irritated I decided to tail them and give them some of their own medicine. We fight a few times ship to ship and then hand to hand. I died a few times, one of their guys died a few times and I notice a Skull Fort near us. They seem to have quit (or so I thought) so I solo the fort and finish it. I holler at my son to get on if he wants to get the loot with me and turn in.

He tells me he can’t play for some reason and I leave my office to his room to find he has to wait for the update on his console. While I’m helping him out I hear a hissing sound through my headphones. I make a beeline sprinting back to my desk to find a pirate on my deck with a powder barrel about to explode. It does explode but I was able to kill the pirate giving me enough time to grab the key I hid below deck. By this time my boat is just about sank so I practically swim out of the below deck and jump in the sea. My only goal at this point is to dive while avoiding the other ship while also trying to get to land to hide the key.

At this point my son tells me…”I’m sorry dad, it’s my fault”. I tell him it’s not his fault his game has to update so just load in and we will do our best to get some loot. He runs back to his room and I’m frantic the other pirates will see me or a shark will kill me before I get to a sea post I see somewhat near the fort.

I fight off one shark after he takes a bite of me and I’m praying I make it to the sea post. I get the splash title screen that I’m near the sea post but I’ve still got a ways to go so I’m getting nervous. Sure enough, no more bananas, no more ammo and a shark comes out of nowhere to make me his dinner. By about this time my sons game finally loaded up.

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The key is somewhere in the drink and my son and I are at least 8-10 squares away. We get lucky and have the wind at our backs so we’re hopeful we can find the key.

I tell my son the key may have de-spawned but we’re going to do our best to find it. Sure enough we make it back and it’s still floating where that shark chewed me up. I’m so excited to have actually found the key and so is my son.


We get back to the Skull Fort, I can see a couple ships in the distance at a nearby outpost so I tell my son to keep a watch on them. I let him grab the key and open the door and it’s hello glorious treasure.

In our excitement to have found the key we neglected to scout for mermaids, that becomes super evident as we have a pirate shooting at us inside the Fort treasure trove. He hits the mega powder barrel and blows me and my son away. I’m not sure if he meant to hit the powder keg but he did and it happened to swallow his sorry butt too. I’m laughing my keester off and tell my son to hurry up and grab the most valuable items and set sail.

When we spawn back in I can see the pirates ship headed our way and boy howdy it’s close. I grab the stronghold chest and we board and drop the sails like it’s hot. Mind you these guys are pirate legends and we’re not even close to that level. Our only chance was to run but at least we had something to show for it. The pirates may have got most the loot but we had the last laugh.

We headed to the outpost they had just came from, I jumped off and turned in while another sloop was on the outpost as well then hitched a ride on the mermaid back to the ship my son was sailing. He was headed right back to the same pirates looting our fort. They had just left the fort and were heading to another outpost. We took a few pot shots at them and cut them off before they made landing at the outpost. We like to think we gave them a little scare but it’s really not likely. They ended up killing us both after we accidentally ran aground…the sloop from the previous outpost had trailed us and was also taking shots at us near the end. We were double teamed.

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After all that I’m not even mad. It was one interesting night on the Sea of Thieves. We came out with a fun story and some gold and so did the other group. Drink up me hearty’s yo-ho.

tl;dr: Solo’d a Skull Fort. Called my son to jump on and help me turn in the loot. Just then another pirate crew sank me as my son was loading in. I managed to save the key only to get eaten by a shark. Son and I managed to find the key and open the Fort treasure door only to get blown up by a sneaky pirate who also killed himself by way of mega keg. We grabbed stronghold chest and booked it to the outpost then went after those bloody pirate legends.

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