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My woes as a first time player of Sea of Thieves and an apology for those who had to bear with me.

seaofthievesjpg 19c482 1280w 1024x576 - My woes as a first time player of Sea of Thieves and an apology for those who had to bear with me.

Attempt 1: I decided to go solo first to get a feel of things before anything. I spawned on an island and messed around wishing there was a tutorial. I found my ship and spent some time figuring out how to sail this sloop, get drunk, and pick out clothes. I happily got the ship to get going, then it crashed on the same shore (since I just made a giant u-turn in full speed). I couldn't figure out how to respawn a ship so I just started a new game.

Attempt 2: I found my ship and was excited that my "sloop" was nicer and bigger than the last one. I excitedly rushed to set sail since I just figured out how, but this time determined to get some distance. It was harder since it was a bigger ship, but I felt quite proud of myself for pulling it off. Then, I heard voices yelling at me "HE LEFT US!" and "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" I looked back to the shore and found two people there looking at me trying to get to me but I was sailing away too fast. I panicked and left the game saying sorry (but no mic was on me since I thought I was playing solo). Staring at the menu, I felt worse knowing that there was an empty ship hopelessly sailing away from two people who just wanted to play. If you happen to read this, I'm really sorry!


Attempt 3: I decided to play with randoms, since I felt ready. I spawned on a ship and found 3 people hauling a handful of chests back to town. I thought that, while they were at it, I'd fix up their ship. It had a lot of holes and a lot of water. I worked my ass off scooping everything out and patching it all up. And then they said something about scuttling the ship. I did not understand what that meant yet. While I was patching up the last hole, I heard a loud BANG. I panicked and scrambled out and then people started laughing saying "OH NO THERE WAS SOMEONE THERE!" They didn't know there was a new guy. Apparently, they were logging off already since they just had their session.

TLDR: I had great fun!

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