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Never trust a pirate

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To the solo slooper, no I do not apologize.

It was a stormy day on the Sea, and you happened upon my sloop at Discovery Ridge. I didn’t see you approach. I didn’t hear you. All I saw was your sloop docked close to mine, and you standing on the deck with one of my gunpowder kegs that you obviously dropped down from my crows nest.

You saw me carrying a marauders chest back to my ship, and I assume you had explored the rest of my ship and knew I had no other treasure. You stood on my deck, and taunted me by lighting the fuse of the keg, and disarming it before it detonated. You asked if I was alone, and I responded ‘yes’, which as the last thing I remember before you detonated the keg.

On the ship of the damned I asked you why you did that. You responded it’s fun to sink other ships and take their treasure, even if it is just one marauders chest. Every bit of gold helps was how you put it.

I laughed and said you deserve the chest, as no doubt my sloop will be sunk by the time we respawn. You seemed a bit taken aback by the fact that I wasn’t upset or screaming at you. I asked you how safe you felt traversing the seas alone, and your response was ‘win some, lose some’. You told me you spotted me on the other side of the island running around, so knew you had time to get to my ship, and that I was an easy mark. I was a dumb noob or something like that you said.


Being the friendly guy I am, I made a bit more small talk, and asked about how much treasure you were carrying, and when you told me, I asked weren’t you concerned about losing it all by attacking another ship?

‘No’ was your reply, ‘I’m very careful about my targets and do my scouting beforehand’. I bowed to your pirate superiority, do a final wave, and leave the Ferry of the Damned. Our time on the Ferry was a brief 3 or 4 minutes, but that encounter was memorable.

You see, I lied.

I wasn’t alone on the island. My mate who I was having a private conversation on discord with while I was talking to you was near enough to repair my/our sinking sloop. He had enough time to take take a second keg from the crows nest into the bowels of your ship and detonate.

You must have been surprised to wake up at another island with a new ship. We thank you for the three Villanous, three captains chests, and 2 marauders.

Never trust a pirate. Especially ones that act friendly and distract you while on the Ferry. You took me for a noob, but ended up on the wrong side of victory. I talked to you just long enough until my buddy said your ship despawned.

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