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New Bug Report and Workaround

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PC player here.

I was soloing an Athena last night and as I was leaving the Crooked Masts to go to pick up the Chest of Legends at Marauder’s Arch, I got the server merge “The Seas Have Changed” message.

After I began sailing my brigantine, I ran into a really odd glitch. I first noticed it when checking the map… every time I tried interacting with it, the Camera would begin to sway into position, but then rapidly snap back.

Ok, I thought, I know roughly where Marauder’s Arch is, I’ll just set a course for NNE until I can see it, and then course-correct as needed.

So I run back up to the wheel and the same thing happens. It happened with cannons, and sails, too; basically anything that involved a change in perspective.


Fortunately for me, the anchor still worked, and so did the ladder. I climbed up to the crow’s nest and threw myself off a few times. When I got back from the Ferry of the Damned, everything worked well.

Maybe there is a moral here, like, “if you can’t change your perspective, kill yourself”. Mostly I think this is a valid defect though.

Seeing as how I haven’t seen this defect before (and I play a lot) and I haven’t been through a server merge in a while, I think this was related to the server merge. Could also be a Brig bug, since that’s relatively new.

If you folks at Rare need to check the logs, my gamertag is the same as my Reddit handle. This happened this morning around 8-9am BST.

Has anyone else experienced this one?

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