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New Fort Idea: Combining the concept of the Reaper flag with the problem of inactive forts and the unrewarding aspect of riddles.

718807.jpg 1024x576 - New Fort Idea: Combining the concept of the Reaper flag with the problem of inactive forts and the unrewarding aspect of riddles.

In Sea of Thieve's current state there are 8 forts, only 3 of which are active. The leading theory into why this is the case is that the inactive forts are too complex for AI spawning and routing to navigate. When you consider that we already occasionally get skeletons spawning in trapped locations of current forts, then look at a place like Old Boot Fort, this theory seems very likely.

However, what if we could activate these forts without skeletons? Well with the introduction of the Reaper flag my imagination went running and I've came up with a fun solution. Below are the steps involved to acquire the stronghold loot from these forts, enjoy!

  1. A skull cloud appears over one of the 8 forts. If it is over Keelhaul, Crow's Nest, or Shark Fin then the fort proceeds as normal. If it is over one of the other 5 forts, however, it will instead spawn no skeletons but rather a message in a bottle that must be found somewhere on the island.

  2. Once you pick up this message in a bottle, the skull cloud disappears and you are given a riddle in your voyage list. This riddle will be just like the current riddles and you will dig up a treasure at the end. Once you dig up the treasure, a new riddle appears.

  3. After you do a few riddles (maybe 3 or 4? Numbers subject to change) you are given a final riddle that spawns the Skeleton Fort Captain when you dig up the treasure, who will then drop the key when defeated. You can then take the key back and open the fort for the loot.

  4. Rewinding a bit, when you pick up the message in a bottle your ship flag is automatically set to a new "Fort Flag." This flag makes your ship visible on all other maps, but you will only be visible as a skull. Enemies will have to get close to figure out what type of ship you are.

  5. If you sink a ship with the fort flag, a message in a bottle will spawn again (this tech is already seen as the Captain ship in fleet battles already spawns loot when sunk). Whoever picks this up will then get the Fort Flag on their ship and continue with the riddles from where the last crew left off. The bottle will need to take awhile to spawn so you have an opportunity to kill off any survivors so they don't instantly pick up the bottle again.

  6. The skull cloud disappears over the island at the beginning because you don't want people camping the island while the ship with the fort flag does all the work. Of course it will likely still happen (it happens at current forts!), but it would be minimized and instead promote travelling PVP. The fort key that the captain drops in the end can be labeled something like "Old Boot Key" so you don't forget which fort it belongs to.

And that pretty much sums it up. With the introduction of the tech behind the Reaper Flag we can now essentially create a travelling skull fort that takes the PVP action across the map instead of at one point and can make use of riddles which will be more rewarding since you know in the end it will lead you to the key.

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