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New life to an over talked about feature. Request and community discussion.

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - New life to an over talked about feature. Request and community discussion.

I want to start off my saying I'm in love with this game, and its community. I feel like I understand Rares vision for this game completely and absolutely love the concept. I also feel this addition would build on that concept even more.

Now, I know safe heaven Sea Ports have been talked about to death at this point but from what I have seen, most people aren't using the concept in the right way. So, I have had an idea that could not only work in the Sea of Thieves universe but also be beneficial to the game and community as a whole.

Every time I see a request for a sea port it's the same thing. A big island village or city that you can sail to that nobody can hurt you in. That would be a bad idea for a number of reason. Like Rare have said, having that feeling of never being safe and always looking over your shoulder is a key part of the Sea of Thieves experience and I agree completely, a place you can sail to to sell your loot would ruin it.

The way you could get it to work is by making the Port in a different instance. To get there, you can do one of two things, you can start your game there from the start screen, or you can travel there from the open world. To start there would be the best option, but I'll get to that later. Once you start your game and pick your ship type, instead of either picking "Open Crew" or "Closed Crew" you will have a third option for "Travel to Port" or something along those lines. Or as an alternative after you select your crew type you can invite people and have both the option to "Set Sail" and "Travel to Port" so you can sail there with friends. If you are already in the open world, you would have the option to "Travel to Port" right between "Settings" and "Leave Game" in your Game options. Clicking this will bring up a window like the "Are you sure you want to quit the game?" Menu asking you if you want to travel alone or with your crew. If you go Alone you will leave your crew, if you go with your crew your ship will scuttle itself as if you had left the game because it is in a different instance. This will make it so you can't take your loot there to sell in safety.

Once you are there, it will in some ways still act as a Outpost but in other ways its different. For one, it would have a higher player cap. I don't know to much about game development but because the Port would be less AI, a way smaller area, no ship sailing physics and no constant hazards like the storm, Meg, Kraken and skeleton ships I think you could get away with a higher player cap. You will also not be able to engage in unprovoked combat. Instead, if you want to fight someone you have to request a dual. This could be by an emote in the same style of the "Make friends" emote, or a menu that you open by holding X on someone. Then any on foot deputes can be settled, or you can test your skills with sword and/or gun. You would still be able to buy cosmetics from the stores and even pick up voyages, but you can't start a voyage until you are in the open world. However the most useful feature of the port would be recruitment.

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Being able to have a in game place to go to recruit would be a god send to players like me. I have played the game since closed beta with my friends and I have loved every second of it. I still play to this day but my friends have fallen off. Now I find myself solo slooping and that can only keep me entertained for so long. Open crews is a nightmare if you actually want to get stuff done and LFG only works to an extent. Being able to go to a place where you see another pirates and get to know them, test them with the duel option, see what levels they have in the trading companys and things of that nature in game before inviting them to your crew would not only be way easier, but also feel more immersive and natural. I mean, going to a port to build your crew like a true pirate captain, that is what the game is all about?

So, you started the game, traveled to the Port, met some new pirates, put on a new outfit, set up your loadout, recruited your new crew and maybe had a few drinks and duels in the process. You're ready to set sail. Now, you would walk down to the Port docks, find your ship or spawn it in, whatever would work better. The ship wouldn't need to be there mechanically but seeing a line of other peoples ships would be a sight to behold and would really help with emersion. You could customize it to your likening and when you're ready you would hop on. None of the sails, helm capstan and things like that would work, maybe the cosmetic boxes but that's it. The only thing you would use is the voyage table. A player could hold X to promt the set sail option and just like a voyage the rest of your crew can vote on it. Once they vote you go into a loading screen, you spawn in and start playing like you normally would.

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The Port would be a place that could open up a door to a lot of things socially. A place to test your sword and gun skill in a controlled environment, building your crew, meeting new friends, a place to go after a long voyage or hard fought battle, tell story's about you experiences, play cards, dice and other games. A lot of things you could do at the port you only really get to do after getting lucky enough to find good people out in the world and put quest and stuff aside to just mess around and have fun but that happens pretty rarely.But I'm sure most can agree that those are the most memorable and fun moments that you have in the game.

I wanted to make this post for two reasons. One is I know Rare reads the Reddit and in some rare (no pun intended) occasions even reply to ideas like this. I would love to know what they think of something like this or if it is already in consideration. Doubtful I'll get a response but it's worth a shot. The second is I wanted to see that the community thought about the idea. What would you want to do at a sea port? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? I love this Game, but I love the community even more.

TLDR – An out of instance port that you can't sail to that can be used for recruitment, socializing or just to catch a breather from voyages and ship combat.

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