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New Skeleton: Greedy Skeleton…

Screenshot 15 06 2015 19 40 25 1024x576 - New Skeleton: Greedy Skeleton...

Spawn Rate: Depends on loot quality, rare overall.

Location: Any island although could be wonky on sandbar islands.

Visual Queue: A chest in their arms.

They either spawn with a (usually low tier) chest/crate in their hands and immediately run away from players and they have to chase them down. They have equivalent or even faster speed than players so to get the reward they have to work together (or just have good aim at long distances)

They can also spawn near chests that are just sitting there and grab them and run.

This would piggy-back off the gunpowder skeleton animations only instead of running towards you with a big booming item…they run away from you with YOUR item or the item they died with.

Combined with skeleton variants this could get tough (especially dark skellies) or comical (metal skellies "running" away).

Extra Features:

  • A possible "mimic" variant could be a "random spawn" chest but it has some subtly visible skeleton hands underneath. When you get near, it jumps up and runs away.

  • While they run they spawn other skeletons behind them.

  • This could be a great time to add a "trap skeleton" that's spawn acts like a movement trap. It grabs the player's foot and stops their movement and then pulls itself out of the ground and then attacks the player…OR the player must attack the hand that is grabbing them to get it off them (the model just being the hand although tough because we can't see our own bodies currently). These could spawn in tandem with a high-quality chest greedy skeleton to make the pursuit more troublesome. Also later used for skeleton bosses and other creepy "trap" situations down the line.

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