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New type of Order Of Souls voyages

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With the addition of Cargo Runs tomorrow I realized that both the Gold Hoarders and the Merchants Alliance will have two different types of voyages to choose from, with the GH having treasure maps and riddles. Seems logical that another type of voyage will eventually come to the OOS, and my idea was to get bounties for skeleton ships!

As it is now very few even try to fight the Skeleton Ships anymore, including me. I loved the Cursed Sails event, it was my favourite, although quite stressful, and now my friends and I just can't get ourselves to fight them anymore after CS ended. Everytime we play we see this ship cloud in the sky, and it never ever disappears (also blocking the Skull Forts, which we would rather do instead), the things is that this is not what the devs wanted to do, they planned to make the skeleton ships emergent like the Megalodon or the Kraken, meaning you could be attacked at any moment by one skeleton ship that emerges from the sea. That was such a cool idea but sadly they couldn't figure out how to make it work in time, so they made an easier version of the fights we had in the event instead, other than the difficulty and the reward, they are essentially the same, and that's the reason no one ever does them.


I hope they'll manage to get the skeleton ships to work correctly in the world and add them to the Order of Souls voyages, imagine getting a bounty for one or more captains, "Last seen west of x island" for example, you get there and the fight happens. While basically the same as before, at least you know how many captains/ships there will be and can always discard the voyage if you don't like it,, making the fights a little bit more dynamic. But mostly it doesn't interfere with the Skull Forts.

On a side note, I also noticed that both GH and MA have more than one type of loot, like there are chests and trinkets, animals, crates and gunpowder barrels (and cargo starting tomorrow) while OOS has skulls and that's it, would be nice to have more types of loot to turn in instead of just skulls.

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