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New Weapons/Clothing Mechanics

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Now I know that they said "Only Cosmetics" but they have to understand they aren't pleasing anybody! We want actual progression! Don't get me wrong there are people out there who like this because "it's fair" but the problem is the reason this game hasn't been doing well and had a rough start is because there's no reason to play! Give me a reason to continue playing! Exactly

Now to my point. I think something that would help is if they actually added effects to the clothing and weapons and everything like that. And the better effects to the clothes the more expensive or harder to achieve. I got the idea mostly thanks to the new inventory system and my crew and I were both thinking "why do we have an inventory this big if we can't fill it? We still get only 5 of everything and only 10 cannonballs" Here are my ideas. We can enchant our clothing and weapons to add more stuff and buffs to them, like in an order of souls mission for example to the them to enchant it for you.


You can get enchantments for your clothing such as carry more wood or carry more bananas or carry more cannonballs or even all three, and get more defense and maybe when an enemy hits you it does damage to them too, maybe it does half the damage they dealt to you. Or you get one that on a very low chance if you're lucky you get more health instead of taking damage like a 5% chance, or get one that allows you to have more weapons but lowers the damage to the weapons. Maybe over time the clothes get ripped and you have to repair them at the same outpost you got them enchanted at.

For Weapons you can have life steal so when you do damage to someone you get some of their health but in return it does less damage or get one that just does more damage but has less shots or you can deal fire damage to someone but you can't pull it out under water, or vice versa. And overtime the weapons get worn out and like the clothes you have to repair them.

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Basically I want to not only get better weapons and clothing but also you can do this at the order of souls for quests or special currency you get from doing quests. And obviously have some downsides to the enchantments to not make them overpowered obviously.

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