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[NO SPOILERS] Sea of Thieves Lore Novel “Athena’s Fortune” – Review by Crew Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves 1 - [NO SPOILERS] Sea of Thieves Lore Novel "Athena's Fortune" - Review by Crew Of Thieves


It's been a while since our last post, we'll be back to publishing articles this weekend.

Wanted to write the spoiler-free review for the book on Reddit, we'll have a little more in-depth review with spoilers on our website soon.

Disclaimer: The publishers of the novel have promised to send me a copy of the book for free, that copy has however not even arrived yet so there's that.

The version I read: Digital ebook

Price: about 8€

Pages: 264 pages

Illustrated: No, at least not the digital version


The book tells two different stories that alternate every chapter. One is the story of Ramsey and his Crew, the other is about a pirate called Larinna. Both stories are set in the Sea of Thieves but at different times.

The writing style is pretty good and felt a lot easier to read than the Tales from the Sea of Thieves style of writing (mind you English is only my 3rd language, natives probably have it a lot easier) While I can't really judge the quality of the writing it never threw me off while reading, so that's good.

One thing the book excels at is creating a real world out of the video game. While reading you can get immersed in the Sea of Thieves and get a whole different feel for the world. After reading the book I definitely have a completely different relationship to the ingame characters because they are more than just some NPCs. I can now understand why they are in the Sea of Thieves, how they came there and much more.

As I obviously also know a ton about the Sea of Thieves lore the book could still give me a lot of new insights and some small hints and references, which I really loved.

The stories themselves are both interesting and have some great moments. The characters all have personalities and a bit of depth, enough to form an opinion and a personal relationship with them.

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There are also a few things I disliked about the book. Personally, I wasn't too interested in the Larinna storyline and would've wished the Ramsey storyline would've continued a bit longer. Aside from that, there's really not much I didn't like.

Comparison to the "Tales from the Sea of Thieves" book:

The Athena's Fortune is a novel and therefore much more captivating than the very short excerpts in the Tales lore book. While the Tales is more of a random collecting of different anecdotes and lore tidbits the novel is structured like your usual book and therefore a lot less confusing. If you want to choose one of them or do not know which one you want to start with I definitely recommend the novel over the Tales from the Sea of Thieves.

Summary and Rating:

The Sea of Thieves Athena's Fortune Novel is a great read, even if you do not know anything about Sea of Thieves and its lore. It is also a great starting point if you want to get into the story behind the world so I can absolutely recommend it. The price is also very manageable.


We'll write a lot of articles on all the lore from the book, along with another review (with spoilers). You'll be able to find those on our website starting this weekend.

If you have any further questions about the novel feel free to ask in the comments!


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