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Noob here. Let me talk about my favorite mechanic: Alliances.

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - Noob here. Let me talk about my favorite mechanic: Alliances.

Hello community. Began playing SoT this last month via Xbox Game Pass. 99% of my play time has been in The Forsaken Shores helping my friends who played since launch. I enjoy the challenge and the team work required to survive these insane volcanic schedules but I think the best thing this game implemented was the alliance option.

I understand players want to be fully immersed in all areas of being a pirate even down to attacking other pirates to loot and plunder but I believe the alliance system guarantees a better reward. Some of my favorite nights at sea came from forming an alliance with what felt like the entire server (6-7 ships formed an alliance over a 2 hour period). I gained so much gold at the end of the night when the alliance turned in what they had, almost triple the amount I would have gotten if my crew decided to rob a passing sloop or brig. The challenge of that may be appealing but I feel like you get more reward from simply becoming a team and having everyone on the team benefit. Attacking another crew, especially in The Forsaken Shore, feels like a waste of time because if the crew doesn’t take you out, chances are a volcano will and you’ll end up losing the loot anyways.


I get the PvP in this game is trash and they need to work on it more but right now, given what we have, there’s no reason to not form alliance with a passing ship. It’s a win+win situation for everyone involved and I can’t imagine playing this game before this system was implemented. It seems I have started playing this game at a great time!

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