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Not all pirate legends are jerks and racist trolls

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long post incoming

TL;DR: was doing merchant and heard “pirate legends” harassing new players while on the ferry of the dammed, dropped my merchant quest to go help the new players deal with the “pirate legends”. Show up to the island they were having the scuffle at and sink and give the rude kids a taste of their own medicine and show them just because they’re “legends” doesn’t mean they’re better than others.

With me being PL and Athena 10, I was solo slooping doing merchant missions to get more money for FS next week and also to finish the reapers flag voyage complete stuff. I was in the middle of resetting crooked mast to gather more gold animals for my mission, and while I went to get some high quality H20, I hear over my TV speakers some guys on the ferry with me being rude to other players who were also there, I guess “rude” would be the correct word, (I don’t know if they were being rude to me and I don’t really care cause justice was served to them later ;D) they were basically saying how the players who were on the ferry were “fu*king trash” and “shit compared to pirate legends like us” and that they should “quit and uninstall the game” all while the players they were insulting and calling bad and basically showing them the ever growing stereotype that pirate legends are cunts, were decked out in sailor gear with the sailor title and just all around basically screamed “i literally just bought the game today”

So when all the rude pirates spawned back i go into game chat to try to talk to the people who were getting harassed to see where they were at cause they were obviously in PVP with these as*hole “pirate legends” and needed help. They said they were at crooks hollow and they were on their boat waiting for them to spawn back so they could just spawn kill them again, (they didn’t know about the scuttle option cause as I stated before they were that new). So I told them to wait and not to scuttle cause I was gonna go help them.

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I spawn back, say “fu*k merchant right now” I cancel the mission and head to crooks to help them out, so on my way there I put on my full Athena gear, I grab a powder keg out of my crows nest and put it on the bow of my boat and as I get closer to crooks I look out of my spyglass and I see this brig and this galleon parked really close together and quickly deduce that the galley is the one full of the pirate legends cause of the unicorn figure head. I don’t see any movement on the galley cause it was as they said they were all on their brig waiting to spawn kill them over and over and harass them.

So I take the powder keg from my bow, jump into the water and sneakily climb up the galleys ladder IN FRONT of one of the rude pirate legends who came back to their boat cause he saw my sloop. As soon as I get on the galley with my keg I go straight to the bottom deck light the keg and kill the id*ot who saw me with a keg. I call him an id*ot cause he only followed me down below only to stop at the banana barrel to get bananas (heaven forbid he go after the enemy with a powder keg).

When the keg went off the galley crew left the brig to come back to their boat to repair, and little old me was waiting below waiting for them. I proceed to kill all of them repeatedly and give them a taste of their own medicine but without the rude remarks. And this cycle continues until they sink, they spawn get a bucket off, I kill them, they sink, and I camp their mermaid and kill them one last time before I climb aboard the new players ship to tell them they’re basically in the clear.

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At this point I feel bad for them and want to give them something nice to keep them playing the game and not have this bad experience run them off, so I explain to them how to join an alliance and we enter in an alliance so once in the alliance with them we sail to ancient spire I pick up some gold hoarder voyages (only had merchant on me) and I drop them a few level 50 GH quests which eventually gave them the rare and ever elusive 10 x map and another x marks the spot map which had I think 7 chests, they were over joyed and thanked me and after that I bid them farewell as that PvP encounter was tiring for me and I got off for the night.

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