Sea of Thieves

NPC Merchant Vessels

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AI Merchant ships loot teirs

(Highest Teir) Ceremonial Admiral Galleon. Loot possibilities, no lower than exotic silks, medium chance to get spices. Would have AI Crewmen that are basically reskinned skellies, up to 20 to 30 on ship.

(Medium Teir) Royal Sovereign Brig. Loot possibilities, Exotic silks and lower, rare chance of exquisite spices. AI crewmen of 15 to 20.

(Lowest Tier) Admiral Sloop. Loot possibilities, Rare chance of exotic silks. AI Crewmen of 4.


The Merchant vessels would sail in convoys of 2 to 3 and would only set sail at day and would despawn at dusk/night. They'd sail from Golden Sands to Ancient Spire outpost, you could leave them be or fight. If they reached the outpost they'd stop and be immune to all damage and boarding. After which they'd despawn back at golden sands.

Edit: The AI crewmen would respawn just like skellies on the skeleton ships but would have a longer respawn timer, they'd also be harder to kill then skellies.

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