Sea of Thieves

Okay so hear me out…

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Okay so hear me out...

There needs to be a 5 second grace period, or ”passive mode” if you will, between when you spawn back from the ferry and ONLY the ferry, during and after the black screen. And before you all say “oh and let you have that 5 seconds to get bananas and kill me? No bad idea! Git gud” No what I mean when I say “5 second or so passive mode” I mean you can’t interact with anything or kill anyone until you’re out of “passive mode” you can only move around the ship. I’m only suggesting this because of a few reasons:

1) I’ve seen my crew mates spawn camp players before they even get out of the black screen and i myself have also spawn camped players on enemy ships to the point where as soon as they spawn back and got off the black screen they were dead and loading back to another black screen. And that’s super frustrating even if you scuttle you still have to spawn back where the players who were spawn killing you are to take your mermaid.


And 2) I’ve also been that guy who got spawn killed where I load back in from the black screen and I get put right back into a black screen from people on my boat killing me. I’ve had situations where the black screen has lasted what seems like 5 minutes and heard my crew say “why are you standing there?! HELP US KILL THESE PIRATES” and the sound of guns firing and swords clanging and I’m still in a black screen not able to do shit then as soon as I get out of the black screen I’m dead instantly cause of a shitty spawn.

I just feel like a 5 second “passive mode” after coming back from the ferry and ONLY the ferry where you can’t interact with any barrels or fight off the other pirates who can’t hit you because you’re in “passive mode” would be balanced. Like it’s just a hand full of seconds where you can’t hit them and they can’t hit you. “Git gud” isn’t a argument when you have no control over where you spawn and have the potential to go from spawning back on your ship to instantly back to the ferry cause the black screen was too long and your pirate was just standing there frozen

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