Sea of Thieves

On the fence about buying this game

Sea of Thieves 3 - On the fence about buying this game

I have been itching for a sailing and exploring game for a while now. I looked a bit into this game and it might just hit that itch (Raft kind of did… but left much to be desired. Still was worth $20 imo). Though there were some things that kept me from buying it and was wondering if some of these issues have changed in any way.

  1. The game isn't fun for solo players: I have heard this game is really dull without friends. I have played games that are far more enjoyable when you team up (I still am sucked in to the masochistic coma that is Planetside 2) but I don't always like to play with other people and I tend to solo for a while while learning the game. Has this changed at all, where I can go off on my own adventure?
  2. The game is shallow: Early on I had read reviews that the game is basically just picking up treasure then selling it to get cosmetics. Has the core game been developed on, maybe more layers to the meta game?
  3. Finally, is it worth getting Win 10: I am still snuggled into my soft, warm, and supple Win 7 blanket. So getting this game would essentially cost me about $100 and dealing with learning a new OS. Do you think this game is worth all that?
    EDIT: Well, looks like I can get a free update to Win 10. But still have the go through the trouble of installing and what not. So I guess I'll ask; Is the game worth $60 and the trouble of installing and learning a new OS?

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