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Outlining possibly the worst idea ever: Soloing ANYTHING other than a sloop…

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EDIT: I am NOT talking about fighting while being a solo sloop. I'm talking about running a brig or galleon solo. Also, instead of reading my title and downvoting and moving on, discuss with me WHY I'm wrong, or why it's not a bad idea.

For starters, your actions are your own. This is my take on the subject matter and you are free to disregard it. This has become more common, and I occasionally see REAPER marked ships (aside from sloops) that are solo manned. This does not include players waiting for people! TL;DR near bottom.


Here are some reasons why:

  • Rare has specifically balanced ship gameplay with number of players in mind. A ship designed for two or more people is not meant to be run solo for any reason.

  • Intimidation is a good idea for this strategy, perhaps, the only one PRO for it. But any experienced player is going to scan your decks, and if he sees one player on the helm and no one anywhere else, despite the fact another boat is nearby, means he is going to go after you. We sunk a galleon today that had a single soul aboard and made 10k gold off of it. Intimidation does not work in a game full of pirates.

  • Im lonely and have no friends! Find a crew or get on a sloop. No sense in risking everything because you want a bigger ship just because.

  • EVERYTHING DEVILS ROAR. REPAIR HELL. Repairs will be immensely hard. And, when you die, you are sunk. Period. Bigger boat, bigger target.

  • BUT I AM A GOOD PLAYER Ok. You can repair, or board. Those are your options. You board and have no means of sinking them unless you powder them. Repair is much of the same. You cannot fire if you are repairing. And if you are on their territory they have the advantage no matter how good you are. They can respawn there. You cannot.

TL;DR List of pros and cons (that I can think of) for sailing a brig or galleon solo:


  • Intimidation and bluff tactics


  • Can only do one thing at a time, be that steer, fire, repair, adjust sails. Makes the experience slower and greatly reduces combat capacity. In this case you are only one person. It will be hard to fight and keep your ship afloat.

  • Boarding is almost never in your favor. Either on your boat or theirs. Aside from respawning on yours. If a galleon or brig boards you, you are in every sense of the word 'screwed'.

  • Any decent player will be able to tell whether or not you are solo. Sure 3 or 2 people can be hiding below the deck, but who does that when another ship is near you? Unless you only want to repair, another sensible, and better, option is being on cannons.

Ultimately, it is up to you how you play. But soloing a brig or galleon is asinine for so many reasons. Only one benefit is in your favor.


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