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Patch 1.2.4 – Bug Megathread

SOT E3 2016 Desktop 1 1920x1080 1024x576 - Patch 1.2.4 - Bug Megathread

Hey guys, instead of having multiple discussion topics on the myriad of bugs in this patch, I feel like it would actually be helpful to rare if we could list them all in one place so they have a central location to reference from. I’ll make a list of everything I’ve seen, heard, and experienced. Please sound off in the comments with others I can add to the list.

For any Barrel related commentary or discussion I’d like to highlight this forum thread from Rare where they discuss the reasoning for changes and future improvements they plan to make: Thread

  • Athena’s quests do not spawn a Chapter 2 with an Athena’s Chest (Theoretically has been hotfixed, could use a few more confirmations)
  • Pigs are unable to be fed (Hotfix deployed allowing pigs not to starve, but they still cannot be fed)
  • Smaller loot objects like washed up skulls and fort trinkets are unable to be picked up in certain circumstances (incorrect base heights for loot models)
  • Water buckets do not affect Gold Skeletons
  • Crews are unable to switch from open to closed or vice versa.
  • Holding a direction when accessing a menu UI (barrels/TAB) will cause your character to remain stuck in place after exiting the menu. This requires you to release and press a direction again, often multiple times
  • Telescope animation and Chest picking-up animation seem to have become interlaced
  • Character models frequently become green skeletons
  • Various performance issues (high ping, dropped frame rate, frequent rubber-banding, very low render distance)
    • Climbing over the top of a ladder will sometimes kick you back into the ocean (could be related to performance/ping)

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