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‘Pirate’ doesn’t have to mean ‘asshat’.

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I was on a solo sloop last night, just doing merchant voyages to pass the time and relax. I pulled into port, and saw a ship anchored just off the dock. It had custom paint and a sail. There was a pirate on the deck dancing. (one assumes to keep from idling out.)

I waved, and said 'hi' before I realized he was AFK; I then went about my business. I didn't care if he had loot on his boat.

I cycled through a couple of missions looking for a 'good' one, and was loading crates on my sloop, when I notice a pirate on the dock. It was the dancing guy from the sloop, so I waved. He then shot me with a blunderbuss.

When I spawned on my boat, he was throwing all my EMPTY crates into the water and on the dock. He had blown up the ONE powder keg I had on my deck. (but didn't find the one in the crows nest I guess.) My ship was sinking. I charge attacked him with my sword but he ran off before I could kill him.


I calmly left my sinking ship, got onto his boat. I was literally parked between his sloop and the dock, and dropped the sail. He was running back from where ever he scampered off when I intentionally ran over the gunpowder barrel that was now floating in the water.


Taking on water, I aimed the boat towards the open sea, angled the sail, and started playing sad music.

It sunk along with the three captains chests he had below deck in deep water.

Not clear why this pirate went into wombat rampage mode over chicken crates, but he had more to lose than I did.

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