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Pirate Legend Code: A general guideline from my personal experience and perspective.

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I posted this as a reply to a thread a few days ago and I felt I should just make a general post considering the number of complaints about most pirate legends in this game:

  1. If you are in an alliance with me that is a boon to me: I need some more gold for the remaining skins in the game don't care if I get a 50% cut of a turn in since gold is gold, everyone else in the alliance can bicker about turn-in's all they like.

  2. In said alliance: I only kill and keg if you start getting on my nerves with id*otic things like incessant screaming or general immature trolling for example since I am doing everyone else a favor when I deal with said person(s) otherwise you are fair game if you start to attack my ship and others in the alliance.

  3. If you are not someone in the discord for the main alliance and have permission to board my ship I will kill you.

  4. You are fair game at all times in the game when not in the alliance: if I see a chance to intercept you on the way to my next destination I will take it, not because I want to grief you (unless you are the type that does it to others then I will just to piss you off more than you would others) but because in the off chance you are a loot piñata and I use the chance to teach those that are new to have someone on lookout duty and pay attention to their surroundings not to mention that if you are doing merchant once some one has scouted your ship I will generally leave you be since I know how much of a grind that one is with the animals.

  5. How you react when I sail at you or you sailing to me will determine my response, I don't use the context menus for warnings and I give ultimatums because I know those context options are abused by most if not all players, if you choose to ignore them I will kill and sink you and take everything you have loot wise.

Majority of the time I am focusing on getting the voyage done with the current crew, I get attacked more than I attack and each and every time I have sunk all ships that tried to harass us or were just not experienced enough to do so.

As for the being bored factor, no, I am not bored I have set mini goals in the game between event and major updates and I for the most part enjoy just being on helm sailing the ships as I help those from discord and my friends catch up whilst I save up gold for the next item(s) to be released, when I do want to take a break I do the unthinkable and go play another game for a bit to mix it up or even watch some movies or shows.

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