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Pirate legend Dug

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This a post to thank the Pirate Legend who we met in devils roar, we were tuning in loot when he sailed up to our ship (me and a friend on a brig) he then came aboard and placed a Devils Roar athena down for us which we glady accepted.

And so our voyage began as we started to sail to our first island Mr pirate legend was still with us below deck standing there never moving for quite some time we figured he was afk as we spinning, as we arrived at the first island my friend went to look for the loot while i manned the ship at this point the volcano started to warn us so i backed away then a Meg came as we were parked away from the island we must have been hit 10 times by that meg before we got rid of him but Mr Pirate legend remained which we were kinda shocked at, a Lot of time past chests found, Skeles killed, and we saw Mr pirate legend eating HE WAS HERE this was the point we named him Dug.


He then began to help us with our voyage all the while we were having a great time sailing, He saved our ship multiple times and us and in return we took bullets and Barrels to protect him until we finally found raised that Athena from the ground and we let him turn it in, at this point he was no longer in our alliance so we received nothing for it but the journey and loot we gained was enough, we thought Dug would leave after this but no.

We went hunting an as someone who doesn't do much PvP (not that good) but enjoys it it was great hunting down ships all the while protecting Dug we sank many a ship that day and killed pirates by the dozen messages were sent and salt was tasted challenges were laid down… then Dug left as we continued to fight the people who had challenged us DUG returned but as part of our crew and the glory continued until he lay down a second athena and bid us farewell, so Thank you DUG the Pirate legend

More happened during our time at sea laughs were had hours were enjoyed. i have never liked having PL join me as i dont want to slow them down or mess up xD but this was great

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