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Play nice or lose it all.

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My two friends and I had been doing voyages for about 2 hours, all while the same skull fort had been active. We decide to cash in our loot and head to the fort.

We arrive to an active and bustling fort with two other galleons and a sloop. We somehow sink the two galleons and the sloop disappears. One of the galleon crews had a very loudmouthed crew as we snipe the survivors in the water but we don't pay it much attention.

While the other ships are respawning, we hammer out 3-4 waves in just a few minutes. We're in the zone as we blast through angry bones. Then, we see the first of two galleons appear on the horizon, heading our way. The battle rages on as the 2nd galleon shows back up. We knock out one galleon, then the 2nd. All in all about 10 minutes of fighting. One survivor gets on our ship, lowers the anchor and hops around for a minute before we can kill him. He, an adult, is yelling, "you guys are f*cking trash, we're just going to keep killing you over and over again. You're just like the other randos we've been killing" I think to myself, hmm, we're 2-0 against you now, so 'keep killing us'.

They show up once more, by themselves, and we kill them. These guys are the absolute definition of toxic. Calling us trash, pieces of shit, fags, etc. Saying we're terrible at PvP, the only reason we keep winning is such and such excuses.

By the time they sink the other galleon shows up and quickly sink due to the assistance of the steely eyed skeleton bombardment. Then the toxic crew shows up and they finally sink us by successfully boarding us.


As we're headed in, about two grid spaces away, the skull disappears. They beat it. Their sails are up and it looks like they're going to go for the treasure there and then. We come up behind them, drop the anchor, turn the wheel, and expose our broadside to their rear at about 100-150 yards away. We fire the heaviest volley a 3 man crew can sustain, kill two boarders trying to come up our ladders and sink them.

You can imagine the screeching that was coming from these grown men. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. We kill the stragglers as they're calling us cheaters, rednecks, and other insults I had never even heard before. It was like an insult thesaurus had short-circuited and just started spouting anything it could. We began loading the treasure as fast as possible and we only got the important stuff worth easily over 2/3's of the total value. By this time it's almost 5:30am and we're all dead tired. We've weathered the storms, fights, and man-child salt induced stroke, over the course of the night.

As we lower the sails, we already see them coming at us as fast as possible. My crew and I made the decision. We're sailing into the blood sea and giving up an offering to the devil. So we sailed south. With the enraged children behind us, we started to sink in the red water, so we grabbed the most valuable loot, skull and chest and started swimming out even further as our ship was consumed.

The moral of the story is, don't be an incredulous prick. People like them are ruining the gaming community as a whole and it brought me more joy to steal what they wanted so badly.

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