Sea of Thieves

Playing SoT from a real marina… when wild meth pirates appear!

Sea of Thieves 4 - Playing SoT from a real marina... when wild meth pirates appear!

Sea dogs and scallywags, lend me your ears!

I will tell you a tale of tragedy and treachery taken place on the Great Unsalted Sea far far away from our Sea of Thieves!

Ok – real talk now. I had Sea of Thieves from the beginning. Not Alpha, but Beta, then I got the game within the week of launch.

Love. This. Game. Seriously, pirates are my favorite historical fiction/literary/cinematic topic. Favorite game before this is Zelda Windwaker (check my history for huge post and video about beating Windwaker without the windwaker or fast travel).

I am also a sailor in real life, I own my own sailboat, and I live, work, and play video games at a marina which is the furthest inland marina/port in the world. In other words, my very own marina is the one in the world where it is still completely navigable to the ocean, but is furthest into the continent more so than any other port in the world.

That means I am in Duluth, Minnesota as far west as you can get on Lake Superior – the Great Inland Sea.

Minnesotans actually have a rich boating heritage with our thousands of inland lakes, but the antagonists of this story are dirty meth pirates that wouldn’t know the difference between a harpoon and a halyard! Ha Ha Ha!

Anyways, those dogs sprung us in the middle of the night while we were on shore leave (Read: they came and stole real things from our business.) They made away with money from the business, two apple laptops from me (used/secondhand for me), a new GoPro from me, my Xbox One (used/secondhand for me) including SoT and my exclusive SoT controller. I was really sad and it still brings a stab to my heart when I think about it.


This was back on the summer solstice. I work seasonally (marina in MN) so I couldn’t play in the summer anyway. I was going to make a video for this purpose but gotta be real with myself, I’m not gonna learn video editing that quick. That’s why I’m doing this now.

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I have boxes and serial # for all my devices, and I did file a police report but they’re too busy to help (EVEN THOUGH I spoke to Microsoft and they were able to see that the thieves did turn on my Xbox two days after the theft and that they could give the IP address to police, and I gave all that info to police including the Microsoft case number so all they had to do is call Microsoft who would have given police the IP address, but police couldn’t be bothered to follow through.)

Thanks for reading – just hoping this message reaches Rare and maybe they can help me somehow. I would love to get back to the Sea of Thieves to fight or loot with you lot.

Gif of me in my office by the water where I play games, showing my remaining Xbox 360 where the Xbox One was


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