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Please add daily quests for us casual pirates

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Hi everyone,

Big Sea of Thieves fan here! Like a lot of other players, I struggle to fit in as much time each week on the Sea of Thieves as I would like (maybe 4-8 hours per week), and given how distracted me and my friend usually get with "side-activities" (living that sloop life) we won't be hitting Pirate Legend anytime soon (which is perfectly OK).

A lot of GaaS games, such as Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, have small daily challenges to incentivize frequent-ish play, as well as try to 'shake up' what kind of activities you will do in that session. One challenge is added to your account per day, and they will accumulate offline upto 3 quests (a good number for SoT as that's the same as the amount of voyages you can hold).

The kind of challenges I imagine would be; Complete a Bounty Voyage; Complete 3 Bounty Voyages; Sell an explosive barrel at outpost x; Sell 3 chests at outpost x; Sell any item acquiried from a Skeleton Fort cache; Hunt 5 sharks. All easy to understand and relatively achievable for most players. These games tend to offer a daily 'reroll' to avoid frustration if you really don't think a Skeleton Fort is on the cards for this week or something (but as the rewards would be greater you might hold on to it just-in-case). During events, temporary quests could be added to encourage repeat play (e.g. Sit on any skeleton throne; Hunt the Megaladon), and these would be fairly common.


The kind of rewards will depend on the amount of perceived effort per quest, but should generally be 'good enough' to get players doing their best to login and play at least long enough to complete the quests (and hopefully keep playing after). Probably a good ol' chunk of reputation and/or 300-800 gold.

The nice thing about this system is that it rewards everyone, whether you play a lot or a little you are still being rewarded for doing the kinds of things you would be doing anyway. For some players it will give them a little push to come online a little more often, as I think we can all agree it's more fun to play when you see another ship out their on the horizon, and it provides a boost to people like me who love what time we have with it.

Please don't simply shoot this idea down because it resembles a F2P mobile game you hate – these systems are very beneficial for 'casual' players like me and many others, but it won't ever compete with players who have time for those legendary sessions.

It's also worth mentioning that while this idea would of course add even more work on Rare's busy plate, it's still not as complicated as adding entirely new mechanics, so please bear that in mind if you when offering alternative ideas.

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