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Please, Please, PLEASE, equip the correct sails for the fight!

718807.jpg 1024x576 - Please, Please, PLEASE, equip the correct sails for the fight!

I've been playing every day of cursed sails and have been trying for the Fleet Protector commendations which requires EVERYONE in your alliance to have the sails of the region you are in when you defeat the skeleton ships. This has been a struggle because so many ships aren't equipping the right sails.

Last night I allied with a Brigantine and helped them put the sails on. We went into the fight and a sloop rolled in halfway through with the wrong sails. I went over to their ship and asked them to change their sails. They kept asking to join my alliance and I tried to explain the commendation to them but it was hard for them to listen mid-fight. I told them we'd ally with them AFTER the fight, so as to still split the loot, but that way the Brig and I could still get the commendation. The sloop was confused that I didn't ally with them immediately so they kegged my ally during the fight, sank them, and then my ally got mad and logged off. Rip commendation.


TLDR: Put on the right sails for the fight and remember that EVERYONE in the alliance needs to have the sails. One incorrect ship f*cks the whole thing up.

As a side note: I've heard people say that if ships have incorrect sails they'll just sink them but I urge to try what I did (ally with them AFTER the fight to split the loot and still get the commendation if you already have alliance members). I love that events like this bring people together and I'd hate to think that these 3 commendations create so much hostility on the seas. Anyways good luck out there!

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