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Please Rare, Start prioritizing multi-purpose clothing…

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I love the fantastical nature of something like a bone set, or a set of clothing with barnacles on it…and that's all fine and dandy. We just don't even have basic pirate options yet. We need recolors and we need more "transition options" that allow for more diversity within existing sets and within future sets through color/texture/material.

We have one blue bandanna…the bandanna is nearly emblematic of pirates and we have one in an off blue color. This along, with many others, is a basic pirate item we don't have but in single colors that don't meld with 90% of the other items on option so they tend to only feature with 1-2 other item sets or in bare-bones outfits. Much like we requested multi-color base sails as an option so we can match our sails with most any set…

We need multi-color options for simple base items like: bandannas, headbands, head sashes, waste sashes, a few types of undershirts, a few types of basic pants/shorts, open/closed vests, turbans and other iconic multi-regional garb in colors, etc.

Jackets and Hats are the piece that an outfit is usually defined by…but we really can't match outfits to existing key items because they are so niche.

Examples: The barnacle hat seems multi-purpose because it seems pretty normal…but then you find that shade of blue is missing in the rest of the store. How about that cool hat with the blue feathers? The other items with feathers are all orange and that hat has no orange. The bone set is in leather and there are no other items in basic leather outside of the starter jacket and belts.

We need basic pirate clothing options. I get that the art team has more fun making imaginative and iconic clothing…but what has been happening is these new sets really don't fit with any other cosmetics. You either wear the set or look out of place…unless of course, you are using other "multi-purpose" clothing. Let me explain:


A multi-purpose piece of clothing is a neutral piece of clothing that can create an identity and help focus on a singular cosmetic piece while differentiating that piece to the point that you really don't look the same as everyone who is wearing that jacket/hat/etc.

Having more options that work as this middle area for clothing will open up more LONG TERM clothing options for players and make it so every new item set doesn't mean everyone always looks like the newest set that came out. As it stands, you have the set of the month (bone set, barnacle set, etc) and then the new one hits and everyone is wearing that new set. There is no individuality because everyone is wearing the set…that set doesn't actually work with the other existing items…so the only way to look good with the new set is to wear the whole thing. You can maybe fit the Hat with some neutral existing clothing…but with so few options you've got a possible option of like 5 looks with the new hat maximum.


This game is about identity but severely lacks the basic and fundamental tools of clothing identity that allow us to create multiple outfits from the same key items. Everyone usually looks the same. Every PL is a glowing guy from a previous era, every new player has that rags set, every player looks like the latest doubloons set that hit in the latest patch. It's obnoxious when you are playing a game about cosmetic progression and you feel like you aren't progressing in your ability to express your identity. We need this addressed sooner rather than later by the art team. We need less bone sets and more multi-purpose traditional sets that are more neutral with recolors.

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