Sea of Thieves

PSA: How to beat a Kraken

Sea of Thieves 1 - PSA: How to beat a Kraken

Since I am seeing more and more posts about it here is a copy of one of my replies in another thread on how to deal with it when you have enough supplies to manage (I recommend at least 150 cannon balls, planks and bananas to keep on board at all times to cover for most encounters in the game):

The cooldown on the kraken is 2 hours, ~5min between when forts rotate and fleet battles are down as they lock out its spawn when there is one active in the session and no one has done it. She also attacks ANY ship in the session at random in this time frame, amount of loot is not a factor at all.

Get a galleon crew together and when it pops all use a blunderbuss and sniper. (I know you may think its easier in a sloop but from my experience its easier to deal with overall in a galleon and don't bother doing the hunt in a brig).

Aim for the head of the tentacles when they show especially the one that wraps around the ship (this one changes what side it is when it wraps so make sure you are paying attention to where it pops up, keep in mind the optimal places for it to wrap during a fight is the back and front of the ship. If it wraps blocking the stairs it becomes a 50/50 chance between you taking it out in time before you get sunk) to get it off the ship as fast as possible and focus down the closest ones fist working your way around the ship as they pop up to the ones further out.


Keep the last round in the guns so that you can skip a good chunk of the ammo reload animation when going back and forth from the ammo box on the ship.

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Keep one to two crew on bail and repair duty and make sure you have stockpiled on planks.

Kegs are a one shot on the tentacles as well so if you have a stock of them you can use them on a few of them to speed up the fight (best used when they suck you up).

Once all go back into the water and the black water around the ship disappears that is when you have defeated it and it should count on the commendations for it. (it will not count when you are in an alliance and are not a ship in the black nor will it count if you are on the ferry of the damned at the time of the kill).

Make sure to have a rowboat on your ship in the event you do sink so that you can still collect any loot in the water for the ones that you have taken out or recover any loot that you did have at the time since it does not sink with the ship.

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