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PSA: OoS Cheese

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We all know how MA cheese works. We all found out painfully that if you completed a voyage, you "lock out" the Outpost you sold to. So we wondered to ourselves, does this work similarily with OoS?

Everytime you kill all the skeleton captains on an island, you "lock out" that island. If you want to have a long session but SUPER succesful grind, you can "lock out" all of the islands you do NOT want to hit while you're grinding.

Once you're down to 3-4 islands that are all beside eachother, you kill all but 1 skeleton captain on an island. CANCEL the voyage, kill the final skeleton. You still get all of the skulls, however you do not remove the island from the pool. Cycle voyages until you get another 3-4 skull island.


If you narrow this further, you can reduce the pool to only the island you are already sitting at. With no need to refresh the island, the skeletons will just immediately spawn if you're already at the island the voyage pops on.

The problem with narrowing to 1 island is that this also reduces the chances of getting a 4 skelly island, as you only have 1 island per voyage. So I recommend saving 3-5 islands all in a cluster near one another.

TLDR: Kill ALL captain skeletons on the islands you DO NOT want to farm on to reduce the pool of possible skeleton spawn islands. Once down to 3-5 islands, cycle voyages and kill all but the last wave of skeleton captains. Cancel the voyage once the final wave spawns, then kill the final wave. Cycle, rinse, repeat.

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