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So i love SoT but i don't PvP much however i do love it (which ik doesn't make sense) but i see all the time about how PvP needs more to it and i totally agree so some of the ideas i have are as followed.

Loot its worth more. one idea i see a lot is the reapers flag being worth gold the longer you have it or something along those lines what i think would be a great idea if possible would be Double Gold/Rep much like in devils roar but only this is for Items you have stolen from others, this would perhaps encourage PvP for that extra reward as well as it makes it more fun when the stakes are higher.

Bounty hunting. this one is mentioned a lot and i do think it should be implemented, I have seen suggestions of Bounty boards that players can use, and bounty being set on players who have sunk/killed a lot of others, but i think a new faction would be great a bounty hunter faction were the voyagers select a ship on the server that you have to hunt (ik this idea is bad for PvE players but its just a thought).


Titles and Commendations. i feel as though people need titles its part of the fun of the game and shows others your going to sink them xD. this would be Titles for players killed, ships sunk but you could also add such things as titles for killing so many pirate legends maybe some for killing people with certain levels in reputation maybe a evil one for killing sailors and also these would tie in with commendations and doubloons.

Cosmetics, a main one would be unlocking new things for your character, New scars,warpaint,Ship livery,sails,figureheads as well as new new outfits,weapons and equipment.

These are just some ideas feedback would be great and ik some of these will probably been mentioned before but thought id give my take of what i think would be good.

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