Sea of Thieves

Quality of life for PvP

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Quality of life for PvP

This is not a post to take anything away from people who just enjoy PvE.

I have not touched this game since day one of Cursed Sails, for others it might be earlier or it might be later.

I enjoyed the PvE aspect of this game as much as the next person, I was an early pirate legend with Athena 10. I bought an external SSD for Xbox even though I'm on PC just b/c I wanted to match my outfit with my weapon setup.

I'm not going to say the game is dead or is dying. I'd just like to say for some people myself included, we wanted more on the PvP end of the game.

I know I'm asking to get slammed by many who think it's fine and the game is great as is. That may be true for a lot of people this is just an opinion of mine and hopefully a lot more people feel this way.

Having said all that I'd like to express my thoughts.

While PvP and PvE coexist in the game they live very different lives.

PvE has an extensive amount of achievements, and rewards.

PvP has nothing other than the satisfaction of besting other crews, and at times just ruining another player/players experience.


(I'm guilty of attacking a single man sloop with a 4 man galleon just like countless others.)

Why can't we have the same quality of life for PvP as we do for PvE. PvP doesn't have to be horizontal if it has it's own place in the world.

(It's not much of a stretch, PvE barely has a life as it is)

Hopefully the people who read this will leave comments that are more of suggestions on what would be needed/wanted for a successful PvP atmosphere within the game outside of the current system.


  1. Ranked PvP with a tiered reward system
  2. PvP vendors
  3. Items/ships with stats
  4. Leaderboards
  5. PvP personal stats
Read:  Screenshot Database of in-game sets and items.

Note: these are just examples and obviously items and ships with stats would have no place in the normal PvE world, disallowing them is something needed.

Thank you if you took the time to read this and decide to leave a constructive opinion on the matter.

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