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Rare – A critical review of Forsaken Shores and suggestions

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First off, let me say what I love:

1) Rowboats. This adds a whole new dynamic to the game. The way they work is super fun and I cant even imagine all the shenanigans people will get into with them.

2) Seaposts. Good idea and cute. Gives them a reason to be visited

3) Devils Roar Location: I like the location and the idea of a harder area. I like that it is scarce and punishing…

Which leads me to things I think need working on:

1) Devil's Roar Environmental Hazards: I like a challenge. But it's not fun getting thrown up in the air literally every 2 seconds and feeling helpless. By the end of the night I was actually getting mad. Also not fun getting one shotted by a falling rock as often as it occurs. Challenges are fun, but this feels like too much which leads to my next critque

2) Rewards. If the environment will stay the way it is then rewards need to be upped. Things take a lot longer and it's a lot riskier and while the items do pay more.. the overall slower pace to gather them seems to overall be less profitable compared to just doing regular missions on the old map.

3) Rowboat Health and Use: Rowboats were advertised as things needed in devils roar because you couldnt get close to islands due to falling rocks and boiling water. This is a great idea. However, the idea of parking far away and rowing it doesnt make sense with the insane range of the falling rocks. I'm not expecting a small radius but getting hit by islands I'm just passing at a good distance is crazy. How am I even supposed to get close? At this point I should leave the ship on the old map and row in. That's how far I need to be. We've tried parking behind large rocks a decent ways away from the island but then we run into the second problem…

Read:  To the crew who sunk me at the skull fort.

– Rowboat health. It's low. Theres no way to see it, theres no way to fix it. It looks brand new, then not brand new, then its gone! It makes sense that a giant rock hitting my boat or the rowboat should break it.. but due to the aforementioned range and frequency of these eruptions.. the rowboats don't last long at all. We played most of our time without one. They either died on the back of the boat or sitting on the beach which is normal use. Then we couldnt find another one for ages in devils roar. When we did, it literally lasted 10 mins.

Therefore rowboats need something. The ability to be fixed would be nice. Immunity to sinking while docked or beached would be nice too. Kind of like you need to be out of it to fix it but if your rowing and get damaged then you just cant fix it on the water. It would also be nice for the galley to carry two due to it's size.

Overall: I like the new content and the work being done. I just feel it needs tweaks to either the difficulty (Environmental) or rewards buffed to be more in line. It's the same reason we don't do skele ships over skull forts. The reward for the risk/time isnt there. I will happily play with rowboats, the new cosmetics, and seaposts. But unless something is tweaked in Devil's Roar it will remain "Forsaken" to me.

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