Sea of Thieves

Rare, add something of meaning to your game, please.

Sea of Thieves 2 - Rare, add something of meaning to your game, please.

As of November 2018, this game has had the same gameplay loop we were complaining about almost a year ago. There is yet to be anything of meaning; no skills to level, no enemies too tough for a newbie to handle, no significant decoration to the ships themselves (outside of a fresh coat of paint and an extra-rugged sail), no ladder to climb, no progression.

You have one objective in the sea of thieves, and that is to achieve Pirate Legend status. Well, you’d think such a rank would be significant and grant you something amazing, but unfortunately all it unlocks is a fresh pair of boots and a fancier version of the same missions you’ve been grinding, along with a little cave you can hang about in.

When can we expect some changes to the core of the game, so that it is fun without relying on the playerbase to make the fun for them, and there is something meaningful to work towards? Somewhere down the Road Map (hopefully), after they make some prettier lights and add some fog.

Rare, please, get your priorities in line, I love this game but its so empty now that the players have left for different games, and I wish there was something to draw other people in, including me, as I find myself pushing more towards overwatch or csgo to fill the void.


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