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Rare deserves some praise

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Spare me a moment, my good captains, while I ramble for a time.

I'm impressed with Rare's efforts toward this game. The game itself is, in my eyes, incredible. But the support for the game by the developers is what truly tickles my old gamer's heart.

Video games have come a long way from their inception, when games were shipped in their final stage, effectively preventing any further development. In more recent years, we have seen the gaming industry shift toward a live service model. We, the consumers, watch the game grow, often impatiently, to its full potential over many months, if not years. Games can evolve into something almost unrecognizable from it's initial release, and we all have seen tales of epic growth and bitter failure.


The reason for this post is ultimately to say that I believe Rare is doing a fantastic job at the moment with the live service model of game development. That isn't to say their actions are perfect, or the road hasn't been or will never be bumpy. Nevertheless, they have consistently provided what I consider to be the trifecta of good live game support: (1) quality of life improvements, (2) bug fixes/performance improvements, and (3) new content. Maybe it isn't always mind blowing, but at least one of those elements is present every week with the patch. Even this week, with all the bug fixes and QoL, they have added content to create anticipation for the Hunger Deep update next week. This makes the game feel alive and vibrant to me.

Some may argue all these things should have been available from release, but I don't think that sentiment is entirely fair. For better or worse, game development has shifted to the live service model we have today, and I think Rare's consistency, community involvment, and transparency deserve attention and praise. I hope more developers follow their example.

Feel free to disagree. I recognize my perspective is limited, but I wanted to say my piece.

Tl;dr Rare is okay by me.

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