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Rare, here’s a list of things I have experienced since the latest patch

sea of thieves combat mechanics news hour long gameplay shows game of adaptation - Rare, here's a list of things I have experienced since the latest patch

Here's a running list of bugs I've encountered so far which are minor in and of themselves, but collectively, make the game close to unplayable, if not very fun. I love you guys and this game, but a lot of this stuff should not have happened. I don't mean any ill will with this post because I love the game and only want to see it get better.

I realize many of these have already been reported individually, but it might be beneficial to have a more collected list of bugs we're all struggling with.

– Pigs are unfeedable

– Kraken is invincible

– Partially buried items cannot be picked up

– Skeleton accuracy nerf appears to have been reverted

– Skeletons can fire weapons before they have completely emerged from the ground

– Skeletons can shoot through rocks

– Skeletons ignore sword knockback/stun occasionally (possibly related to groups of them being hit simultaneously)

– Gold skeletons do not rust when water is thrown on them

– Raising any alliance flag while Reaper's Mark is active causes Reaper's Mark to be taken down

– Completing voyage without having Reaper's Mark up for the entire voyage does not count toward commendation credit (It should be made clear that it must be up prior to starting a voyage)

– Occasionally, the 'wind' will disappear and it cannot be seen which direction it is coming from unless you have a flag up.

– Barrels 2.0 – When opening a barrel, if you previously had hovered over an item in your own inventory, the system retains your cursor position (PC), but pressing F will attempt to remove items from the barrel because its contents are selected by default. Only after moving the cursor completely off of your own inventory and back on will it let you hover deposit items.

– Cursing a ship which is currently cursed by a different type of curse does not award commendation credit. (I'm not sure if both curses actually affect the ship simultaneously, or if only the first, or only the last)

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Quality of life suggestions:- Consistency on closing menus: The inventory system can be closed with 'X', but no other menu in game shares that ability. I rather like pressing 'X' to close menus and found myself instinctively trying to do it in other menus. I would suggest either allowing this action to be rebound, or making it pervasive.


– While the new barrel inventory is open, allow for 'F' to remove items and 'R' to store items, as it did originally. If nothing is 'selected' it will be have sequentially, otherwise it will take the appropriate action on the selected item. This should allow for quick looting/storing while preserving the 'considered' approach to taking items.

– 'Empty' indicator on barrels if they contain no loot (I realize this is planned, but it can't hurt to reiterate)

– Show ships with Reaper's Mark on edges of map with directional indicator, as though they were your own ship when the map is scrolled to a different location

– Take All/Store All (this one is planned)

– Drag/Drop (PC) or Move/Sort (Xbox) (This is for organization mostly, but could also be for moving stacks at a time; possibly the same as Take/Store all?)

* This one is opinionated. It could just be because of the event, but I don't feel like the Reaper's Mark attracts that much attention. This might be because players aren't scanning their map constantly looking for ships flying the flag, unless they're looking for PVP. This is fine, but it might facilitate the behavior I think it is intending to elicit by showing you that there's a ship flying the Reaper's Mark from anywhere on the map, regardless of whether or not they're in view. That will garner interest and then players can go searching for the specific location of that ship.

Again, I realize many of these have already been reported, or might even be planned for a future release, however I think there's value in collecting these in a single place to be more easily referenced. If nothing else, reiterating these issues helps to highlight the importance of solid testing and quality assurance before releasing new content.

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Again, I love this game and I only wish to see it become better. I hope only to bring these things to the attention of Rare so they can be dealt with more swiftly.

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