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Rare.. I dedicate this to you.

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Hi guys, i absolutely have no idea if i am doing this correctly or not. Also apologies for any potato formatting.

I will try to keep it short and simple, and bare in mind that all of this my and my opinion only.. i just want to share my experience and gratitude. So, i made it to Pirate Legend today.

I can't help but feel like the Pirate Legend title is not what really means something, its not even the outfit or the song (but cmon, the song is pretty amazing?!)

Its literally the experiences that this game was able to provide. I have plundered, stolen, sank, shot, swiped and swam my way from the beginning of the game to now.

I have managed to get over 50 screenshots as I enjoyed every single sunrise, sunset, storm and anything else in between.

I have made over 20 xbox app friends who i can talk to and play with on a regular basis.

I have raced sloops with strangers, shared fort loot with strangers, spoken to about 15 different nationalities, sank galleons on my own, had 30+ galleon battles between good crews and.. not for a second was i bored or disappointed by anything on my adventures.


I absolutely cannot wait for the future of this game, the potential is endless (seasonal updates, i.e winter with icebergs and blizzards, perhaps?).

I feel like i blagged a lot as it is, but i just want to Thank Rare, for being the developers that they are. Hands down my favourite bunch of scallywags that i have ever met in the gaming industry. Im proud, im happy, im thankful and i am ready to go back into the seas with my rather fruity purple coat!

P.s here is a link to two pictures (if

This is my last GH haul from 49-50 (8 Seafarer, 20 Marauders, 14 Cpts and 2 Cursed) as well as my Pirate Legend get-up. These new loot tables sure made it a breeze haha! <

Much love,

Cpt Zaedori <3

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