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Rare, it’s time to get Kraken! (Kraken needs a buff. Some ideas)

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The Kraken earned the reputation of a legendary beast rumored to tear ships apart and devour the shipmates alive… to be a leviathan mistaken for islands that would dive and pull ships to a watery grave when the forming maelstrom would pull them under… to be extremely underwhelming on the Sea of Thieves.

We should fix that. Let's start by taking what we know about the Kraken, and the Hungering One (Megalodon).

The Kraken and Meg both have slow attacks, they're not actively trying to attack your ship which is fair because of how fast you would sink otherwise. So why is it fair for Meg, but not so much for the Kraken? Well… here's the reason:

The Megalodon has only one attack, but it is capable of putting loads of holes into the bow is a ship – a sloop will often take on five holes per bite that demand immediate attention.

The Kraken has two attacks – devouring the player (which is underwhelming since it just holds the player for a while, drowns them a bit then spits them out far away, or drops them if his crewmates shoot the tentacle with enough bullets and cannonballs. The other attack is where the beast wraps an arm around the ship and starts doing damage to it.

So what's the problem? Well, while the Megalodon has attacks that are infrequent yet devastating, it moves around at a fast speed. It bears a large hitbox, but it moves at a speed and keeps at distances where shooting it can take some work at times, especially when the beast starts circling another ship and is out of the range of your own cannons. The KRAKEN, however, consists of several, stationary targets that sway once in a while that might throw your aim off. The only time you need to worry about them is if your crewmate gets eaten or it wraps the ship. Until then it's pretty easy to just take shots at it with riffles or cannons.

There's nothing wrong with having loads of targets in a boss fight, but they need to do something. Given how many tentacles that the beast has, it would make sense if the creature had several, frequent attacks that came at a relatively slow pace, making it so the crew has to try to stay aware of what's happening to all sides of the ship. The Kraken isn't meant to be a boss you summon and fight for a reward, but rather a hazard to sink your ship, similar to a storm should you sail into it. Due to the Kraken's overly passive nature, the results are that a sloop would sink you faster. Here're a few ideas I had to make it feel you were dealing with a proper beastie. Anyone have good ideas of their own or would like to criticize, build upon or scrutinize mine, by all means, do so. Making the usual request: please be civil with one another.

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The Kraken's tentacle leans back – far back – and after a while will slam the ship, dealing damage to the top deck of where it hit, knocking back any players that get hit and dealing significant damage, inspired by how Meg's bite works.



Here's my favorite idea: if you let too many tentacles get to one side, they get an upgraded slam. All tentacles will rear back and slam each part of the ship, making it so the only way to escape is going below deck. However, this will deal a heavy amount of damage extending to the bottom deck and devastating the middle deck's integrity.


The Kraken will gently lay a tentacle down on either the bow or in front of the captain's quarters, then sweep towards the mast, knocking players around. This would do either no damage or very little, but the threat is being knocked overboard. Get below deck or run to the other side of the mast. You'd be able to tell that it's a sweep because the head is either laying on or hanging off the side of the ship, not to be confused with it wrapping it.

Cannon Tentacles

These little bleeders will slowly climb up your ship and soon plug the cannons. You can choose to either fire a cannon shot and blast them off instantly, or strike them off with your sword or gun. Going out to the gangplank, however, will allow you to see them crawling up. A pistol shot or two will send them reeling back to the water, buying you more time for the cannons.

Inky Water

The water is inky black. At least blight our vision when the thing's ink gets in the eyes, ASIDE from when we're cutting and gunning at point blank.

Watery Grave

The idea here is that swimming in the water, something would grab your leg and pull you under the surface since sharks don't want to get anywhere near a Kraken site (At least from what I've seen and experienced). Since drowning damage is the only type of damage that the kraken currently does, adding it so that you get dragged down to take more damage if you stay in the water too long would make sense in my eyes. Also, the further under the water you are, the faster the drowning damage would eat you away.

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If you wind up getting too many tentacles overall, the Kraken will grab your ship and slowly start to capsize it. Either jump overboard and wait for the ship to rock back upright, or hide below deck. Depending on which way the ship rocks, all starboard or port side holes will start to leak water.


More of a scare tactic than an actual attack, the Kraken will lower one of its tentacles to just over the cannons, looming ominously over the railing and letting out a roar, spewing mucus and other, unmentionable products from past meals that would blind you, similar to being splashed by a bucket of vomit. Think Jack alone on the Black Pearl, if anyone remembers that scene from Deadman's Chest.

Anchor Draw

If the crew drops anchor, should the Kraken flee, it will pull them harshly in the direction it swims off in, crashing them into rocks or even dragging them to the Devil's shroud (out of bounds for the unaware) if they are close enough.

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