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Rare Might Be Making The Wrong Move For Sea of Thieves With Cursed Cannonballs (not a rant but an open discussion)

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I’m on mobile right now so I apologize for poor formatting. Rather than using italics, I may use CAPITALS. Hopefully you all don’t find that too obnoxious. 😉 I will be splitting this discussion into THREE DIGESTIBLE SEGMENTS that may be read separately or all together. I’m hoping to discuss this with as many people as possible. A TL;DR will be including at the end.


I believe that SoT was stuck in a bad loop during the early post-launch days; a loop that drove many players out. Here’s how I believe it went: – Pirates become board with lack of content and monotonous voyages – Pirates turn to PvP – PvP is fun and exciting – Many pirates kill on sight instead of talking first, shooting later – Players leave the game due to toxic energy and lack of drive to progress But here’s the deal. Most players didn’t fully understand the capabilities of working together. Then, Rare makes a genius move.


The Hungering Deep did absolute magic for Sea of Thieves. Not only did THD showcase that SoT could hold a fun story, but also that players could work together. See, with the addition of Meg players felt a reason to band together. SHARK BAIT COVE BECAME A SOCIAL MEETING PLACE, and PLAYERS TALKED BEFORE COMBAT. With these ideas in mind, Rare learned to take better control of their community. Toxicity dropped and fulfilling sessions rose. Recently, Rare continued the trend by adding Alliances in The Cursed Sails and Skelton Ships that could be taken on together. But is Rare about to make a mistake?



After all the work Rare has done to reverse “attack-on-sight” mentality why would they give us more reason to PvP? Why after we’ve learned that fun can be had by working together? Why is it that this next Bilge Rat Adventure (Cursed Cannonballs) is going to make PvP levels soar? Why does it need to encourage PvP by giving me the ability to, and maybe even force me to (for Doubloons), go out and hunt my opponents just to get a Commendation done, before at least seeing if they are friendly? Bilge Rats don’t seem like the fighting type, and I hope Rare won’t take this route to encourage aggressive play. The more Rare encourages PvP, the less they get the game they are trying to make. I think Cursed Cannonballs are fine, but if Rare continues down the PvP path and rewards for it (even if the crew you encounter has no treasure!), the more we rewind progress of where we have gotten as a community. The game is going down such a healthy path! I’m not saying that people who PvP are doing it wrong. I believe the community can have a healthy balance of both. But, people will always PvP. It doesn’t any need extra encouragement. If I don’t carry any cargo, in most cases, I shouldn’t be hunted.

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I very much want to start a conversation. I DO NOT want this to turn into any sort of upvote/downvote war in the comment section. I just genuinely want to discuss this idea of where PvP could take the game, and how much is good and how much is bad. Please tell me why you do or why you do not agree; if you agree with none, some, or all of what I’ve said. Love you all SoT community!

TL;DR At first, SoT became a place for toxicity and “attack-on-sight” PvP. Rare’s vision started to unfold when The Hungering Deep showed us we could be friendly and band together. Now that the game is in such a great state, should Rare be adding mechanics that encourage PvP like Cursed Cannonballs? A potential Bilge Rat adventure may reward Doubloons for using them, ignoring the fact that getting Doubloons have always been about working together.

Thoughts down below! 🙂

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