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Rare: Please go back to old barrel interface!

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The new barrel interface is awful and clunky at best. It's like Rare was attempting to make things better, settled on making things 2x worse, and until they've figured out a system that actually works well, they send a "fix" out anyways so we could deal with it, diagnose the most obnoxious flaws, then Rare can implement a new system in a month that makes it feel likes they've been listening to us and fixing things we want fixed. When in reality nobody asked for barrels to be made way more complicated (read annoying). In fact people have been complaining en mass since Curse Sails release about how long it takes to stock. I can't fathom how the fix is to make things way slower with a selection menu.

The worst part is this hasn't made anything better. In regards the curse cannonballs we actually have to pull up the pause menu and manually select them from a second page. Changing barrels didn't in any way make it convenient to use or store cursed cannonballs. We can't even select them from the supplies wheel.

Could have easily just added a barrel on each ship specifically for cursed cannonballs instead of changing everything about barrels. Leave everything else alone and if Rare had to use the stupid interface, lock it to one specific cursed cannonball barrel, so it's not a constant nuisance to everything else. Store up to 10 of each type of cursed cannonball and you could only have to open the barrel when your taking things out. Stocking would work like it used to, having space until it's full of that one type, at which point you have a smaller max limit you can carry on your person.


Also why can't I no longer just press Y to store items? It benefits nothing getting rid of that option. Storing could have been kept just as simple as it was. We really should only have to open the Barrel when we want to select something specific to take out.

Putting items into barrels for storage did not need to change at all. That's just slowing down the process of stocking for no reason. We can already hold out planks, cannonballs, and bananas for others to grab they could've even used that to trigger an "Add supplies" feature when next to a barrel on your ship instead of having to open the stupid barrel every time.

Better question: Why not just add more barrels to island? Some islands like Smuggler's Bay or Marauder's Arch have very few in comparison to their island size. As soon as Cursed Crews is over and curse cannonballs are harder to find it would be much better to just add more barrels to the larger islands, and even a few on the smaller ones. So if your 1 or 2 cursed cannonballs are taking up a barrel it wouldn't matter since there would be plenty more barrels likely to have other supplies.

Or you know Rare, If you're dead set on adding an inventory system and make stocking the ship so much slower, how about just getting rid of the archaic supply limits and let us carry more cannonballs, bananas, and wood???

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