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Rare please let us vote to kick people from our crew.

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Now that I've really started to grind athenas, I've seen just how prevalent stick tying is. Allow me to explain.

If you put up a post on lfg, discord or matchmake a crew of randoms, you'll usually have pretty bad results so when you meet someone that seems somewhat competent you become hopeful. The afkers know this. They will be polite and helpful for about 10 minutes. Then they will say something about their daughter crying, go in the bottom of the boat or ferry of the damned and tie their sticks to prevent being kicked due to inactivity.


By the time you realize what is happening you are halfway through your mission (which if it's an athenas is not something to simply write off) and you have to decide whether to finish the mission while down a man and let the afk farmer get the xp they are cheating to obtain, or to drop your loot overboard to discourage them from doing such again. Honest players should not have to make this decision. With the current lack of a way to kick crewmembers, the afk farmers have all of the power. The only argument I have heard against the ability to kick crewmates, is the argument that it could be abused by kicking people out of the game to troll them. My response is that the system is already being abused and being kicked every now and then is much better than a rogue player holding my crew hostage every third game. At least put the power into the hands of the honest players and not the afk farmers. I trust my friends not to troll me more than I trust afk farmers. I wouldn't make this post if this happened to me once. It happens all the time.

I honestly can't even blame the players for exploiting such a broken crew management system. In my opinion this is all on Rare. Please fix it.

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