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Rare: Request for Special Tattoos glow in specific non-game-play-breaking circumstances.

Screenshot 15 06 2015 19 40 25 1024x576 - Rare: Request for Special Tattoos glow in specific non-game-play-breaking circumstances.

TLDR: Make glowing tattoos as visual indicators for some events that already have other indicators – eg meg spawning.

One of my favourite moments in all of SOT was seeing tattoo's light up during the hungering deep event, 2 crews playing song they'd had to carry from one end of the map to the other, only to light-up as a giant shark came crashing into the picture and that magic has kinda been missing since then.

It doesn't feel like too big an ask to have some subtle "light ups" happen on a few of the event-specific tattoos, and here's some suggestions. Nothing game breaking.

Hungering tattoo set (Hungering deep) – when a meg is about to spawn (already indicated by music, this could be a fun secondary).

Bone Crusher Tattoo (Cursed Sails) – When a Skeleton Ship is either 1) about to rise or 2) the cloud is about to spawn into the world (also already knowable from music and visibly in the sky)>


Forsaken Ashes Tattoo (Forsake shores) – When a Volcano (nearby) is about to go off, already knowable from the smoke.

For players with these tats, you could add a small glow around the health-bar or similar, so they can get some visible indicator to do an emote for their pirate to see the effect/the small benefit of knowledge this gives.

This also opens the way for some other tattoo sets.

One for skull island appearing

One for Krakens attacking

One for a mermaid spawning to send you back

A legendary one for when the Athenas chest is found/handed in.

What do you say Rare?

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