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RARE: Respawn when sunk at a skull raid still needs to be tweaked please!

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Played today with a buddy. Skull fort pops up, we head towards it. A 2 man sloop is already there. We sink it and start killing waves of skellies. Less than 3 minutes later, the same sloop is on the horizon. We anticipated this, as most people who get knocked off the fort will try and reclaim their position. That's cool. We sink it. Less than 5 minutes later, same sloop. We sink it. less than 5 minutes later? same sloop. We sunk this sloop EIGHT times. Eight! we didn't have more than 3 minutes of downtime between most of their spawns, as we had to scramble for supplies in between attacks. they had us down to 5 planks twice, leaving us way too vulnerable to simply try and continue the fort. Finally, we got the key and ran. An hour or so later we head back to try and get our loot. same sloop was still in the area…sees us, and chases us. We sink him….Again. At the ferry of the damned this player starting saying "He was gonna spend his days hunting us down and get the key back." (I admire their determination plus that was a pretty bad ass pirate thing to say but I digress…) All in all it took us close to FOUR hours to complete raid, and collect loot. I get that these guys wanted the loot…but they lost. 8 times. When sunk at a raid, I absolutely think you and your team should get a chance to come back and reclaim your position ….but 8 times?!? surely there is a way to server migrate a team who has lost repeatedly. At a certain point I just feel like these guys were bordering on harassment.


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