Sea of Thieves

Rare said they love stories so here’s mine from tonight

Sea of Thieves 2 - Rare said they love stories so here's mine from tonight

Started off with a simple post in the community discord of someone who was looking for some help with their initiation voyages (I'll call him Ace) so I joined him with another person from the discord (I'll him P.B. for person B) and I asked if they wanted to do an Athena's since it has a little bit of everything. They both agreed and off we went on his first Athena's voyage, which was very uneventful and we got both riddles on the same island (as an aside THANK YOU RARE FOR LETTING THOSE ISLANDS DOUBLE UP). After that we sold everything and decided to go do a fort but P.B. decided to get off no problem we got a third and started going to the fort.

Earlier in the voyage we stopped at a nonactive fort and picked up about 8 gunpowder barrels and we had killed a few gunpowder skeletons so we had probably close to 15 gunpowder barrels. As we were selling our Athena loot at Dagger Tooth we watched a galleon go by towards Shark Fin. So we head out and I noticed that a fog had started to envelope them and from experience I knew that wrecks havoc with your eye sight so I tell my crew to raise sails behind a rock and load some gunpowder into our rowboat and that I was gonna go over and blow them up. So we hid our ship just outside the fog behind a rock and I start paddling over with my little Boat of Booming Death when I hear a gun shot! I look up and sure as sin there's someone in their crow's-nest – this is a crew that knows what their doing! I keep my cool barely and slow down a little the enemy shoots again, towards the island. Oh he's just helping his friends while doing the most boring job I think to myself and bring the rowboat up right next to their ship. I couldn't light a gunpowder or else he would definitely hear it thanks to the increased sounds in the fog so I grabbed a barrel and swam under their ship before letting it slowly rise, the clock to their demise started to tick. I watched that fateful barrel rise ever so slowly and I couldn't help but wonder if I released it too far away from the rest of the barrels in the rowboat when we I thought that BOOM followed closely by #BOOM all the barrels went off. My heart started beating hard and adrenaline flooded my body as I climbed on board their ship and went down below. Their bottom deck filled with water by the time I got down there and I watched the stairs waiting for someone to comedown and start repairing but the water level dropped a little bit then rose just quickly back to the same point then dropped again. Hands shaking like a leaf in autumn I climbed the stairs to face the offending crewman I fired pistol and can you believe I missed! I went down below to reload my pistol went back to mid deck fired again and I hit him so I pulled out my trusty cutlass and cut him down like the salty dog he was he was actually quiet I grabbed some bananas and more ammo and started to fight a second enemy on the galleon, he got a nice gun shot on me which prompted me to start spamming "3" but I couldn't switch fast enough (please fix this Rare the delay in switching to bananas is a little extreme) and he slew me but not before his galleon sank.

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I respawned on my ship to the words "There's a sloop coming" and I refilled my pockets with cannonballs and planks. And got ready to open fire on them we pulled up broadside to their bow and started shooting cannons at them, after I fired one or two shots I lunged over and got on board but was quickly repelled. I drank a grog with my good friend Davy Jones and went back to help my crew. This time when I got over I went over with Kikko (crewmate who joined us after the Athena's) and we were able to ensure a good sink. We then positioned out Brig and started clearing waves after we cleared about three or four another sloop emerged from the fog and rammed the island before sailing straight out Kikko and Ace were confused but I knew this play, he had jumped off his sloop and was coming after us! I told them to check the fort he was somewhere, probably grabbing one of the many gunpowder barrels laying around but luckily no. The sloop person climbed our ladders and I was able to gun him down. We continue working the fort and close to the last wave two sloops started coming after us. We went out to meet them in the open water and began a heated 10-15 minute battle. Cannons were shot, ships were rammed, sails went left forgotten and all the while we stayed ahead in the fight never losing more than one person at a time to the Dutchman. It ended with a ram, Kikko jumped off and skillfully dropped their anchor while Ace boarded and started climbing towards their crows nest where they had one gunpowder in reserve, with a light and a drop their ship was promised to the Locker, Ace jumped down and protected the holes in the sloop while I repaired the damage to own vessel. Finally we were able to get back to the fort and finished, and looted it going without further hindrance.

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If you see this Ace or Kikko it was a pleasure sailing with you!

-signed the Legend parading as a Gold Picaroon

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