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Rare, the other Seas need the “Devil’s Roar Treatment”

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With the upcoming Forsaken Shores update…it's pretty clear the new region puts the other island chains to absolute shame. It has unique features that exist only in that island chain; unique environmental challenges, unique traps, etc. I think the players keep bringing this up and it'd be best to prioritize an update that addresses this core issue sooner rather than later.

I think what we want, more than another new region after Forsaken Shores, is for the original three regions to feel just as unique as Devil's Roar, each providing unique gameplay. As a structure, the three regions need a unique large-scale environmental challenge (volcano), a small scale trap (geyser), and a new AI threat iconic to the region…at minimum. FS has boiling water (which is more a side-effect of fire) and it has unique items…but that's a reflection of the difficulty and the old regions need to be noticeably near the same difficulty to be consistent with the current design.

This three part structure can be applied to each region, rather swimmingly, using their already iconic aesthetics:

Ancient Isles = Ancient Ruins – Whirlpool/Rogue Wave, Ancient Traps (spiked wooden hunting traps/etc), Indigenous Skeleton Variant (they use spears and are random spawn only)


Wilds = Undead – Fog, Cursed Random Loot, some kind of face-sucking worm monster.

Sea O Plenty = Paradise – Cyclone, Coconut Trees (falling coconuts that stun), aggressive momma/daddy crabs or just crab mobs that snap.

Each threat would be easier to deal with than anything in Forsaken Shores just to avoid the "difficulty" factor of Devil's Roar being undermined. Whirlpools are easy to dodge and not in important places, cyclones are obvious and won't do too much if you are below deck or holding onto something, and fog is pretty navigable with your head on…it's not just wrecking your boat and killing you like the volcanoes.

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A key goal with all these new features are that they are not one-off…you should re-use these environmental threats and monsters in any future regions as a way to add variety as well. Rare can get a lot more mileage out of the core island chain's assets and aesthetic than what is currently reinforced in the gameplay. I think we need an upcoming update to go back to the core and add some depth where it's most impactful…where we all begin our journeys.

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