Sea of Thieves

Rare, this update turned my whole night around.

Sea of Thieves 1 - Rare, this update turned my whole night around.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Rare for this amazing update, Shrouded Spoils.

My wife and I planned on hopping into the seas tonight with our two other regular crew mates. She still has yet to complete her Gilded Athena and we were pretty excited to get going. Once we got online, we found out that it would just be the two of us sailing tonight. Nervous about risking her Gilded Athena on a sloop (When we did mine on a gally, we were attacked 4 times by 4 different galleons.. plus Skelly ships, megs, etc.) we reluctantly decided to put down a GH voyage to just have a "whatever happens session."

The moment we left Golden Sands.. the panicky music spun up. My wife groans, "Ugh, really?" She was flashing back to a recent situation where we were insta-sunk leaving an outpost. I simply laughed and said, "Well, let's see what happens!"

I let the first cannonball fly, and the moment it hit their hull, it set off a gunpowder barrel stored below! Neither of us even knew the Skelly-ships could carry GP barrels at all. This instantly turned my wife and I's mood. The sudden surprise and turn in our favor was awesome, and the ship sunk after only a handful of cannonballs. We hauled our loot onto the Sloop, and set out on our voyage.


After hitting a few islands, and finding a Skeleton Captain Skull sitting on the shore (we believe a Skelly-Ship despawned there,) we are attacked by none other than the Ancient Terror! This is the final Meg we both need (Besides the elusive Ghost, of course.) We threw anchor, and started throwing lead. The battle was epic, scary, and all around awesome! We decided we had had enough excitement for one night, and headed for an outpost to turn in our spoils. Once we finished, I remembered our 8+ GP barrels in the crow's nest (we had raided a fort for supplies earlier.) I pulled out my spyglass, and saw a passive roaming Skelly-Ship. "Feel like blowing that thing to bits for one last hurrah?" I asked my wife. She agreed, and we set off.

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2 GP barrels later, the Skelly-Ship is almost sunk, and it heads back to the depths. We both look at each other and roll our eyes, disappointed. That's when I spot another on the close horizon, and we head straight to it. The second battle went almost the same as the first, except the Kraken decided to show up right in the middle of it! The Skeleton Galleon was having NONE of that, and NOPE'd the hell out almost as soon as the ink spread. Down to the depths it went, and my wife and I went straight into battle-mode.

After a long fought battle, we kill the Kraken, claim Stronghold Bone Dust and a few other expensive items and head straight to Sanctuary. We turned in our loot, headed straight for the tavern, and were so excited to raise our tankards in joyous celebration of a voyage well sailed, and a night that turned out WAY better than we could have ever hoped.

Thanks, Rare. Now, this happy pirate is going to bed.

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