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Rare, we need reasons to interact and have fun, not grind

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I like this game and the ideas behind the latest events, but I think they all lacked a bit of depth that could have made them much more enjoyable and replayable. I'll give you some examples: The skeleton Thrones event was cool, but I've always thought that it was a bit anticlimatic. you look for the thrones, look for another crew, you have to practice a game mechanic in a new way (firing yourself out to reach secret places) but once you sit there nothing happens, there's no adrenaline rush or real challenge, you just repeat from step one over and over with little to no difference. One simple way to spice it up would have been to spawn some captains once the crew sat on the thrones, and the loot that the captains dropped would have given the crews a chance to fight for it, betray the other friendly crew, and so on.

Now a new event came out, and it feels really similar to the thrones one, but without the challenge of actually reaching the secret locations; you just go to any random island, swim a bit around it, and all you need to do is swing your sword with 3 other people until the statue collapses. There's no real challenge here (beside the super low damage that statues do) and the "replayability" is forced by the high number of destroyed statues you need for the legendary commendations.


One simple way to spice things up would have been to have the statues drop their gems once they're destroyed, and the more gems you have on board the faster you can destroy other statues/statues glow and sound more intensely. This simple change would have meant that more people would have loot on their ship, making every enemy encounter more dangerous and thrilling, giving the players a sense of "pride and accomplishment" by actuallly earning something while doing the event (besides the uninteresting doubloons), and encouraging players to interact more in general.

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Adding loot or unique rewards guarantees more spontaneous interactions between players, adding variety to the gameplay.

With this wall of text I don't mean to insult the developers or the players, I love the game and it's just my two cents to make the game and the events feel more exciting and less shallow 🙂

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