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Reason you don’t give up #1

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There's always a chance you'll screw them right back over board. Guys rolled up on me as I was digging up 6 treasures on Cannon Cove. I had already found a chest of grogs when they arrived. They blew up my ship but I got to their crows nest undetected while they searched for me. Once I got there I dropped all of their barrels on their ship and it starts to blow. I didn't realize one guy was already dead or I'd have waited a bit but I heard in team speak he was coming back. I jumped off with one last barrel and put it into the ship. They found me and shot me before I could hide again. They recover but I bought myself enough time to catch up to them before they turn the chests in. I get to Sanctuary Outpost and they run away from the island to fight me. Little did they know I had a meg following me already so it was just outside the island. I abandoned my ship and jumped onto theirs. I shoot one with my blunderbuss and then jumped off with the Chest of Grogs. I drunkenly swam all the way to the island. All they were left with was a hateful skull and a marauders chest and a castaway. They were pretty salty when I waited for them on the island. He tried to bait me with my own disgraced skull. I knew better then that so I waited for one of the chests the other guy brought. When I jumped out I hit him with my last shot and he dropped it to eat a banana. When he did I sold it. I said I already sold the grog and they yelled back "that's ok! We weren't even gonna sell it! We were just gonna drink it!" Like sad children that just had a toy taken from them. I may not have gotten all my loot back but I got what mattered to me. There's nothing more thrilling then out pirating a Pirate.


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