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Recently got the Sea of Thieves fever and have really been enjoying the game

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Nothing groundbreaking here; just want to share some positive thoughts about the game since so often we see the negative.

So I've been playing since the first few weeks of the game. When I first started I really liked the sailing mechanics and the looks of the game but I grew tired of the voyage grind. I never fully stopped playing, but I didn't play very regularly and just popped in for a few hours every now and then. I think I kept waiting for my friend to play but our schedules didn't match well so I usually played solo, which I don't think works well with this game.


Recently in the summer I've had more time to play and I started looking for sloop partners with the Xbox LFG page (shoutout to the LFG page because it's such a great Xbox feature and I feel it doesn't get enough attention). I let people know I'm just looking to play casually and for fun, in comparison to all of the players demanding high levels and that you be an expert. I've matched with some pretty fun players lately and have been having a ton of fun with the game. I love the atmosphere of the game, and the sound design is great. The sound of an approaching storm, waves hitting the boat, creaking wood. Once I could swear that I smelled rain when it was raining in the game. It's like the game tricked my brain into thinking I was really in a storm. It all adds to the great feel of the game. It can be really relaxing (especially after coming out of Alien Isolation lol).

I think the game can definitely improve but it has a great foundation. The hungering deep event was pretty fun and I've been enjoying hunting down the statues this week. I don't care how big they are. They give me a reason to stop at other islands along my voyages which is all that really matters to me.

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