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[Request] Add a few new sharks with Cursed Sails in honor of Shark Week 2018

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Ahoy fellow pirates! 🙂

As many of you know, we are expecting the Cursed Sails update to drop after the conclusion of the Sunken Curse bi-weekly event (or shortly after). What many of you might not know is that Shark Week 2018 will begin on July 22nd (7 days from now).

As an avid shark fan and Shark Week viewer, I was hoping we could get some some new sharks added to Sea of Thieves when the Cursed Sails update drops in honor of the best week of the year 🙂 To keep things simple, Rare could simply add in 2 new models + textures. Leave the shark behavior and animations the same for now (although various behaviors in the future like Meg would be cool). I've said many times that variety adds life to the world of SoT.

Probably the most distinct and easily recognizable would be the Hammerhead Shark.


Not much needs to be said about the hammerhead. Their distinct nose makes them easy for pretty much everyone to identify.

And another shark that I think that could be added to the game is the Sand Tiger Shark

The Sand Tiger shark is distinguished by its narrow nose, long and narrow curved teeth, and the spots on their sides.

Of course, Rare should add their own style to each shark. Whether that be exaggerating some of their features or adding in some new ones.

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