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Respawn points after sinking

the first 10 minutes of sea of thieves gameplay captured in gq9u 1024x576 - Respawn points after sinking

Hi, just a bit of a rant and a suggestion in regards to it.

Gist of the Story

So last night, myself and 2 friends on a Brig rolled up to a Skull Fort and noticed a Galleon there.
We arrived with Alliance flags up – They joined the alliance but then decided to fire on us.. short story here is that we made swift work of the Galleon and it's crew (They were very very bad) and started the Fort.

They came back, which is fine and expected, we just sank them again.

Then they came back again as a sloop was coming in, so we sank them both.

Then they came back and sat a little bit out, anchored up and allianced with the sloop – Came in together and we sank them both again.

They came back 6 or 7 times each and were getting back before we were doing a couple of waves (knifing at the doorway so not slow waves) and literally didn't stop coming back until we had cashed all of the loot in at the outpost.

They managed to board only once when they rammed, they never got a single thing and a part from killing me a couple times (I was the boarder to their boats and would exhaust their bananas) they didn't kill a single of my other teammates – The skill difference was substantial between the three crews, I suspect the Galleon was an Open Crew and the level 50GH sloop we're PvE'rs.



It took us like 2h+ to do a fort that would have taken us 20 minutes because they were spawning so close every time and just spending 45 seconds sailing back.

I don't mind the PVP and actually welcome it but seriously, by that point it was just tedious with how one sided the fights were – I suggest:
1. Spawn ships a bit further away after they've been sunk 1-2 times – Certainly further than they currently do.
2. On your 3rd sink, when it's quite apparent that you're not on the same level, you should be put on the very far side of the map from the sink location or quite literally moved server.

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If I rocked up and someone sank me 3 times in a row and I got moved server, or spawned on the furthest point away, I would be quite happy with that. Not that I'd ever return to be sunk 3 times, 1 return is enough if you've been sunk.

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